2 years factory warranty is provided with all new Kawasaki Street Motorcycles, Jet Skis and All Terrain Vehicles purchased for private use.


And when damage occurs, KDS 3 will also directly indicate what is malfunctioning complete with what steps should be taken. The more complete again, the ABS (Anti -lock Braking System) can be read by KDS 3.

1. Free Service & Spare Parts Schedule.

Free service and free filter oil & lubricants for all types is 96 weeks (equal with 2 years) or 24,000 whichever comes first. See the schedule below.


For Oil types : Valvoline Premium 10W-40

2. Periodic Maintenance Time List

This list of service job is an average time, may occurs different situation comes in the field.

3. Equipment

UMG Service book for Customer.
Create service book for customer guidelines and for service data record and paste the stamp after service job done

Material Promotion and Official Logo.


4. S.O.P


5. Terms & Condition

Warranty Program for Kawasaki (Terms & Conditions) PDF

6. Guideline for Salesman, Marketing Division, and Branches.

Share this information to related stakeholders, create guidelines and ready to use material promotion.

7. Advertising & Social Media

Advertising : Automobile Tabloid
Social Media : website (www.kawasaki.com.mm), facebook (Kawasaki Motorcycle Myanmar, Kawasaki Myanmar Fanclub, etc), KOC Viber groups, etc.